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WONWOO will repair, without charge, any merchandise proved defective in material or workmanship for a period of as noted below year after the date of shipment.
Product Series of Product Warranty Period
Speed Dome Camera EPS Series Camera : 2 Year
Mechanism : 1 Year
6 months : Continuous preset panning & tilt
EWSJ Series
Rugged PTZ Camera WCA Series Camera : 2 Year
Mechanism : 1 Year
6 months : Continuous preset panning & tilt
WCM Series
WCC Series
System Controller WTX Series 1 Year
Remote controller series
Vandal Dome Camera VCN,UVP,SCN,VDM Series 2 Year
IR Camera :1Year
Plastic Dome Camera DCN,PCN series 2 Year
IR Camera :1Year
Standard Camera BCN Series 2 Year
DSC Series
Zoom Camera Effio Series Camera Lens : 1 Year
All other Parts : 2 Year
Special Equipment Rapport seires 1 Year
If a warranty repair is required , contact WONWOO at (82-2)3665 -3200 or fax (82-2) 3665-3210 or for a Repair Authorization number, and provide the following information :

Product & model name  
Product Serial Number  
Details of defect or problem  
Date you shipment  
Warranty Period  
Customer Name  
Tel.No. /e-mail
Exceptions to Limited Warranty :
The warranty is void if the Product is not operated in conformance with installation, environmental, mechanical or electrical requirements, or within thermal stress limits, or to the extent that any malfunction is the result of misuse, abuse, vandalism, neglect, improper installation or application, alteration, accident, or negligence in use, storage, transportation, or handling, or it the original identification markings on the product have been removed, defaced or altered, lighting, electricity, water, fire, environmental or other hazard, or act of God, or other impact outside of normal operating guidelines.

Warranty Content :
* Any defect under normal use within the warranty service period we give you free repair service according to the sheet.
* Packing box, Dome cover will be replaced with new parts when we repair defective goods.
* We charge you with the fee of parts and service despite free warranty service period . Repairs made necessary by reason of
  misuse, alteration, normal wear, or accident are not covered under this warranty
 1. Any breakage made without care.
 2. Breakage or trouble made by natural disaster.
 3. Breakage or trouble made by breaking the product guide or manual.
 4. Breakage or trouble made by wrong power voltage or frequency.
 5. When unauthorized engineer modified or made damage on the product trying to repair it, we may charge you with the fee.

* We don’t support the breakage after warranty service period. If the customer wants to get it repaired, we charge them with the fee.